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The Ultimate Wedding Worksheet by Wedshed

The Ultimate Wedding Worksheet by Wedshed


A worksheet so detailed you'll want to marry it instead of your partner by the time the big day rolls around. It's got everything you could possibly need. 

We know that for most people, this is the first time you've planned a wedding before. And for this reason, we want to make the process as simple, inspiring and enjoyable as possible. This worksheet is designed to do just that through a series of handy tabs and templates that you'll find below. 

Our worksheet includes the following helpful tools:

  1. Venue Comparison
  2. Vendor Comparison
  3. To-do List
  4. Tradition Toss
  5. Budget 
  6. Supplier List
  7. Wedding Run Sheet
  8. Photography List
  9. Stationery Requirements
  10. RSVP List 

Designed by us in conjunction with our inhouse wedding planner, it's honestly a life saver. And a time saver - the hours you'd spend pulling this together can now be better spent bingeing your fave series on the couch with your partner (wine in hand, of course). You're so very welcome.

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